Meet The PsiloBloom Hypermind

Marie-Rose Phan-Lê

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PsiloBloom emerged from deep friendship, shared passions, common values and a commitment co-founders, Matt, Mike, and I made to create greater accessibility to personal healing and collective evolution through sacred plant medicine.

Twenty years ago as filmmakers, Matt and I were initiated into the transformative power of psychedelic medicine, after receiving a personal invitation to a private traditional Shipibo Ayahuasca ceremony in Peru. That experience, along with our journey with healers and spiritual teachers of various world cultures, is documented in our award-winning film and book, TALKING STORY: One Woman’s Quest to Preserve Ancient Spiritual and Healing Traditions (North Atlantic Books).

In the midst of humanity’s collective challenges of loss, trauma, and isolation in 2020, it seemed an appropriate time to bring PsiloBloom to life with Mike, our friend and partner, who was most experienced with sacred mushroom medicine. As part of our dedication to the de-stigmatization of psychedelic medicine and the democratization of access to sacred plant medicine, Psilobloom is also an avenue through which we can educate others about the need to honor the indigenous people and cultures, who have kept this medicine alive for us to utilize in modernity.

Having been born into war and more recently experiencing severe trauma from the cumulative effects of loss, along with so many in our communities and around the world, I feel blessed to have discovered Psilocybin’s power to transform my PTSD into Post Traumatic Growth. Along with multiple modalities for healing that I have been exposed to and trained in, medicinal plants can serve as healing accelerators. I wish these healing opportunities for as many who need them as possible.

Matthew G. Monroe


I have always been an explorer.

Since I was a little kid, I have been driven – compelled, actually – to wander, explore, question and inquire in order to seek a better understanding of the ways in which our world works.

While the vast majority of my explorations have taken place in the physical realm – with numerous journeys to far-flung locations across the globe – a good number of my explorations have been of a more metaphysical nature: journeys that have opened up my mind to aspects of the invisible world which can’t be viewed while seated in a plane, train, taxi, or tuk-tuk.

Of course, the best journeys combine elements of both our physical AND metaphysical world, and I’m fortunate enough to have friends who also seek out journeys of a dualistic nature.

So, what does all this have to do with PsiloBloom?

Well, for me, PsiloBloom is the near-perfect combination of exploration, journey-taking (and journey-making), and friendship with like-minded travelers.

But PsiloBloom is a rare bird: it’s an evolving venture that provides me with the opportunity to engage in far-flung journeys – of both a physical and metaphysical nature – while also exploring a fascinating segment of the entrepreneur world with friends.

I welcome you to join along.